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It has been said that if you transported just about any worker (doctor, chemist, tailor, telephone operator, etc.) from 1900 to the present day they would have no idea of how to proceed with their work – with the exception of teachers. The typical 21st century classroom is not much different than those of 100 years ago. Yet the educators are charged with preparing students for the future. Today’s issues are complex, social problems are increasingly troubling and kids, especially those challenged by poverty, are being short-changed by an educational system that was designed for their great-great grandfathers. What are some effective new ways to educate our most vulnerable kids? Who are the key players needed to design and develop effective solutions? How do we ensure we address the needs of the whole child (mind, body, and character)?


By 2020, over 1 million North Texans will be living in poverty: it might be your co-worker, your neighbor...could it be you? Research by local experts shows that Dallas has the fourth-highest poverty rate among the 20 largest U.S. cities. If current trends aren’t changed, by 2020 Dallas, Collin, Rockwall and southern Denton counties will be home to nearly 1 million people in poverty. To address these problems, it’s not enough for those in poverty or the organizations that want to help them to just “try harder”. This panel will discuss and debate what elements are necessary to get people on the path to financial stability realizing none of us can do it all but together we can reverse the slow descent into poverty for hundreds of thousands. Integration of solutions and coordinated action are critical. Topics covered include payday lending, innovation in lending, small business loans, financial literacy, and more.


Staggeringly, 85% of violent acts involve family or intimate relationships. If someone you knew was involved, would you speak up? In the span of one year – from 2011 to 2012 – the number of Dallas murders related to domestic violence more than doubled. While not a direct cause, an economic downturn exacerbates the factors that contribute to domestic violence and reduce victims’ ability to flee: domestic violence is more than 3x as likely to occur when couples are experiencing high levels of financial strain. Even in an improving economy, since 2008, 78% of domestic violence shelters nationwide report an increase in women seeking assistance from abuse. Family violence demands more than an increase in services for victims. It requires a future where families use healthy practices to solve problems without violence, where communities demand healthy approaches to managing conflict and where citizens are willing to reject passive acceptance of violence in many forms throughout mainstream culture.

What will it take to bring about lasting change? Who is willing to do their part? Notable panelists will discuss and debate specific challenges in the areas of Education, Health, and Income. Led by an active moderator, the Town Hall-style panel will create a continuous, lively debate as it dissects the key issues and pathways to a sustainable solution. Panelists will represent corporate, civic, funding and academic points of view and will have hands-on experience with real-world approaches to the social challenge they address.

Participants include Business Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs, Impact Investors, Government Leaders, Scholars and Researchers from Academia and Thought Leaders eager to discuss challenges, analyze innovative approaches for problem solving, and build lasting partnerships that enable them and their organizations to maximize social impact. In the unique Town Hall format of bigBANG!2013, the Audience is also an Active Contributor to the discussion and debate!

Three “Innovation Challenge” panels will address major social challenges in the areas of Education, Poverty and Health. Each challenge will be introduced in an engaging multi-media format on the Main Stage with breakout sessions where everyone gets to participate in the discussion and debate.

The day's discussion will progress from posing the challenge to exploration of various solutions, including the funding levels and collaboration needed to bring solutions to realization. The audience engages and directs the discussion through real-time, mobile-based Q&A, polling and voting. The energy level throughout the day is punctuated by inspirational keynotes and culminates in a lively reception where participants can network and make new connections.

Since 1924, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas has focused on areas that change people's live forever: preparing kids to graduate and success in careers or college, helping families permanently break the cycle of poverty, and enabling people of all ages to live healthy, responsible lives. Through their combined efforts, more than 90,000 United Way of Metropolitan Dallas' investors, volunteers, and advocates working with the collective power of over 1000 corporate partners and over 80 service provider organizations are creating long-term change and growth in North Texas. In just one year, the United Way invested more than $50 million into local programs that help nearly 360,000 people change their lives including: 38,000 people leaving poverty permanently, 75,500 kids prepared to graduate high school and succeed, and 153,200 living healthier, responsible lives.

Communities and organizations are turning to creative solutions to address some of our toughest challenges. Dallas Social Venture Partners is dedicated to advancing fresh ideas and approaches that help corporations, philanthropists, foundations and nonprofit leaders make lasting change in our communities, our workplaces and our families. DSVP is a partnership of more than 100 dedicated professionals and business leaders working together to build the capacity of promising nonprofits in North Texas through the thoughtful application of their collective resources, networks and expertise. DSVP leverages the talent of its Partners to help nonprofits become more effective, efficient and sustainable.

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